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Vibratory Bar Sizer

The Mogensen vibratory bar sizer works clogging-free, even if the material flow contains bulky material chunks, difficult sticky materials, bizarre metal residues, foils, wires, etc. in the material flow.

Several bar decks are arranged in a cascade-like manner in a driven swing frame. The drive consists of 2 motor vibrators or directional exciters, arranged as a linear motion drive. The bar deck units are installed at a variable inclination and are provided with adjustable classifying bars which are arranged either divergently or level and are fixed on one side. Thus, a free material flow and maximum loosening are guaranteed and clogging is safely prevented. Even difficult material is loosened and separated efficiently.

Typical applications include:
Vibratory Bar Sizer

Schematic process diagram
(to view a larger image, click on the diagram):
Vibratory Bar Sizer

  • ballast waste
  • bark
  • blast furnace slag
  • cemetery compost
  • commercial waste
  • construction waste
  • domestic waste
  • garnet grit
  • harbor sediments
  • hard coal
  • limestone
  • phosphates
  • raw gravel
  • scrap
  • sewage sludge
  • wall gravel
  • waste material
  • waste sludge

... and many more!