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Tubular Vibrating Feeder

Two variants, series FP and FN (depending on conveyor length and wall thickness), are available. The pipe diameter is 324 mm; in the standard version, the pipes have a wall thickness of 4 mm. Other wall thicknesses are available upon request.

On the inlet and outlet sides, wear-resistant cleaning covers are provided, combining the advantages of a wear resistance and a cleaning opening.

Due to the inclined impact surface at the inlet, the conveyed material is accelerated in the conveying direction immediately. This results in less wear and tear and a higher flow rate than in the case of standard pipe conveyors where the product must be diverted by 90.

The pipes are absolutely symmetrical. Thanks to this design, the pipe just has to be turned around by 180 if the lower half is worn out. The spring bearings are turned around and the operation can be continued because now the material flows through the old upper half. (In type FN only possible if enough space is available below the pipe for accommodation of the exciter saddle.)

Upon request, the flow rate can be varied by means of a frequency converter.