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The Mogensen Sizers system is made up of several screening decks which are arranged on top of one another and have different inclinations. The meshes are bigger in the upper decks and smaller in the lower decks. The maintenance-friendly screen linings are excited in a compact case by motor vibrators or directional exciters. While the finer particles of the material fall through the larger meshes of the upper deck almost vertically, the larger particles are filtered out of the material flow. Due to the different inclination of the screen linings, their openings have the effect of a smaller mesh. For this reason, the mesh widths can be unusually large compared to conventional flat-design screens at the same separation efficiency. The separation of different particle sizes from the material flow and the larger mesh width not only prevent the deposition of material layers and clogging of material on the screen linings, but also ensure, in addition to the high throughput, an extremely long service life of the screen linings.

Typical applications include:
Mogensen SC Sizer - Screening machine
  • alumina
  • aluminium
  • bauxite
  • cement
  • chalk
  • coal
  • coke
  • glass
  • gypsum
  • iron ore
  • limestone
  • magnesit
  • nuts
  • quartz
  • salt
  • sand
  • sand grit
  • sugar
  • wood flour

... and many more!

Please also refer to our technical paper "The 4th Generation Mogensen Sizers".