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Fine Sizer

The fine screening system for a particle size range between 0.1 to 8 mm.

The Fine Sizer (available as one-, two- or three-deck version) is characterized by the fact that the screen mat is set vibrating directly by so-called beater bars. The screen mat is pre-tensioned in conveying direction by the beating device.

Each beating device consists of a shaft with 2 beater sides. At the outer end of each shaft, 2 unbalance motors are fixed outside of the machine. These set each beater bar in oscillating motion. The beating impulses prevent the screen mat from being clogged and fine particle deposits.

The Fine Sizer is a static machine. As a result, almost no dynamic forces are transmitted.

Thanks to the variable vibrating width, frequency and inclination, the Fine Sizer can be adjusted perfectly to different products and combines high material throughputs with minimum power consumption.

Typical applications include:
Fine Sizer

  • anode remains
  • coal
  • dolomite
  • fine salt
  • granulated salt
  • gypsum
  • herbage
  • kaolin
  • lava sand
  • limestone
  • NPK/urea
  • potash
  • quartz sand
  • rock salt
  • sand phosphate
  • shell limestone
  • waste metal

... and many more!