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Combination Sizer

Many screening materials have a wide particle size distribution which ranges from fine particles to coarser material chunks. If an exact separation is required for these materials, the Mogensen Combination Sizer is the perfect solution. In common screening systems, the screen mats would be destroyed by coarse chunks. If screening grates are used, the fine separation required cannot be reached.

The machine features a combination of bar systems in the upper area and screen mats in the lower area. Part of the material is discharged directly via the classifying bars, so that the actual screening deck is only passed by the remaining portion of the material. The functional principle is similar to that of the classic Sizer. Instead of removing the fine material from the coarse material, coarse material is removed from the fine material. Thus the load on the separation deck is reduced and high throughputs are possible with a compact design.

The classifying bars which are fixed on one side ensure an effective separation of the material without jamming, clogging or hugging, even in the case of bulky chunks or sticky material or cloths, wires, foils, etc. in the material flow. Upon request, the distance between the bars can be adjusted continuously in order to adjust the separation size to the individual requirements. Divergently arranged bars improve the flowability of the material and can also be used for adjusting the separation size to the task.

Typical applications include:
Mogensen Combination Sizer

  • anode remains
  • bed ash
  • cement clinker
  • coal
  • construction waste
  • cullets
  • electronic waste
  • granulated sewage sludge
  • ores
  • scrap
  • secondary raw materials
  • shreddered material
  • wall gravel
  • waste
  • waste slag

... and many more!