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Circular- and Linear Motion Screens

The Mogensen Circular and Linear Motion Screens, which are available as one-deck and double-deck versions, are particularly suitable for "sharp" classifying of grainy materials. They are driven by top-installed unbalance motors which set the screening box in a circular or linear motion.

Thanks to the compact design, these machines are fully dust-proof. Removable covers and inspection openings enable easy access to the interior of the machine for quick replacement of the screen linings. Thanks to the vibrating fine product outlet, no large material chutes are required below the machine. The outlet hopper and side walls can be provided with different wear-resistant linings upon request.

Screen lengths from 1.3 to 4.8 m and widths from 0.5 to 1.5 m are available. All standard commercial screen linings of steel, polyurethane or rubber can be used.

Typical applications include:
Circular- and Linear Motion Screens

  • alumina
  • bauxite
  • burnt lime
  • cement
  • chamotte
  • fertilizers
  • fodder
  • granulated plastic material
  • gypsum
  • limestone
  • perlite
  • quartz sand
  • rubber
  • silicia
  • sodium carbonate

... and many more!