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Bar Sizer

The Mogensen Bar Sizer already includes this function. The bar sizer is the absolutely reliable solution for coarse separation in a range between 25 and 400 mm. The patented principle is simple: the overflowing screening material sets the bars which are fixed on one side vibrating. In this way, a clogging-free separation of the material is obtained. Upon request, the distance between the bars and thus the separation size can be adjusted continuously.

The bar sizer works without moving parts and without driving energy at a high output both with continuous and interrupted feeding. The simple and robust design ensures a fault-free and maintenance-free operation even in the case of difficult bulk material which is soiled and sticky and requires a cost-efficient pre-separation.

Typical applications include:

  • blast furnace slag
  • blast rock
  • brickwork waste
  • clay chunks
  • construction waste
  • contaminated soil
  • excavated material
  • gray wacke
  • hydraulic engineering stones
  • iron works scrap
  • landfill material
  • limestone
  • river gravel
  • road surface material
  • shell limestone
  • soil
  • stone asphalt
  • wall gravel
  • waste basalt

... and many more!