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Machine monitoring

The Mogensen Machine Master contributes to cost reduction and quality assurance.

Vibrating machines are mostly used at central points of the production process. As a result, defects (unbalance, worn-out bearings) at these machines cause expensive production standstill times.

In many cases, it is not enough to measure the vibration periodically. For example, if a defect occurs without an obvious trend between two measurements, it will not be noticed before the next measurement.

Monitoring is particularly recommended if the machines are installed at locations which are difficult to access or for machines, the failure of which would result in significant production losses.

Thanks to its measurement principle, the vibration monitoring system cannot only replace standard monitoring systems, but it also gives the customer the chance to react to faults quickly. In addition to that, this monitoring system makes it possible for the first time (at reasonable expenses) to monitor all relevant vibrations of a machine.

Two frequency ranges are available: a low frequency range for normal machine vibration monitoring and a high frequency range for bearing defect measurement. Up to 4 machines can be monitored at the same time, e.g. 2 machines can be monitored for normal operational vibrations and 2 other machines can be monitored for bearing defects at the same time.

Remote maintenance via a modem or an existing network are also possible.

Machine monitoring