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Plastic Sorting

For the colour sorting of flakes and granulates of different secondary und primary plastics like

  • PET
  • PE
  • PVC
  • PP
Mogensen can offer the machine types MSort AK and AF.

Machine type Particle range Feed rate Applications
MSort AK Sortiermaschine


MSort AK 900


1 - 10 mm


max. 6 t/h


For dry plastics
Recognition of slightest colour differences
All-metal recognition as an option

MSort AF Sortiermaschine


MSort AF 900


4 - 30 mm


max. 10 t/h


For dry plastics
Slightest colour differences are reliable
All-metal recognition as an option

The optoelectronic sorting system Mogensen MSort AF scans bulk goods on a working width of 900 mm in free fall by means of a colour line camera. The respective data is evaluated by a freely programmable sorting software of an industrial computer by colour, brightness and size into good product and rejected parts. The computer passes this information to up to 384 fast and robust compressed air valves, each of which serves one compressed air nozzle. Rejected parts are evaluated by position, shape and size and blown out of the material stream by specific jets of compressed air.

Advantages of the MSort AF for plastic processing:

  • Inexpensive sorting of fines bulk goods by colour and brightness is possible.
  • Slightest colour differences (e.g. blue, light blue, light green, also opal from white transparent) are detected and are available as sorting parameters.
  • Depending on material, particle distribution and rejected quantities, quantities of 1 to 3 t/h may be sorted.
  • Rejection rates of up to 8000 particles/second may be realised in continuous operation.
  • Thanks to accurate detection, exact sorting out and re-sorting of the rejected material, the yield of the good material is maximised.
  • Fine metal parts are detected parallel to the colour sorting and are lead to the rejection stream.
  • Thanks to the exact detection and the fast and precise triggering of the valves, the specific compressed air consumption is very low.
  • Low-maintenance operation thanks to automatic cleaning.
  • Protection of all parts touched by the product with stainless steel and glass as well as a material suited to the material to be sorted.

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MSort optische Sortiermaschine