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Sorting Solutions for different types of recycling glasses

For the sensor and x-ray based sorting of recycling glass Mogensen can offer various machine types:

Maschine type Particle range Feed rate Applications
MSort AK Sortiermaschine


MSort AK 900


1 - 10 mm


max. 6 t/h


Color and CSP sorting
Dry material
All-metal recognition as an option

MSort AF Sortiermaschine


MSort AF 900


4 - 30 mm


max. 10 t/h


Color and CSP sorting
Dry material
All-metal recognition as an option

MSort AL Sortiermaschine


MSort AL 1500


8 - 60 mm


max. 30 t/h


Sorting of flat glass and bottle glass in colors and CSP
Dry material
Compact design

MSort AP Sortiermaschine


MSort AX 1200


6 - 60 mm


max. 25 t/h


Color and CSP sorting
Damp and contaminated recycling glass
All-metal recognition as an option



MSort AQ 1200


5 - 50 mm


max. 20 t/h


Material detection by X-ray transmission method
Sorting of lead crystal and
glass ceramic
Sorting of plastics from recycling glass

Damp and contaminated glass

The Mogensen MSort AX has been especially developed for sorting high reject quantities and highly contaminated recycling bottle glass grain size 6 - 60 mm. More...

Dry Glass

For plate glass treatment the feed material is usually clean and dry. In addition to CSP the sorting of extremely fine pastel colors is also a primary requirement. For such tasks, with the Mogensen MSort AL an additional machine type for grain sizes 8 - 60 mm is available. More...

Dry Fine Glass

The Mogensen MSort is used for special plate glass applications with grain sizes of 1 to 10 mm. The material is dried and screened in narrow grain classes. More...

The machines detect up to 15,000 objects per second.

The new design of the types AK, AF and AL was developed by a leading German design office.

Advantages of MSort:

  • Inexpensive sorting of strongly contaminated, broken recycling glass by colour and brightness is possible (AX).
  • Slightest colour differences (e.g. white and half white, window pane and vitrophyre glass) are reliably detected and are available as sorting parameters (AL).
  • Rejection rates exceeding 50% (white glass from mixed glass or processing of CSP (ceramic material/stones/porcelain) may be realised in continuous operation.
  • The material yield is maximised by accurate detection and exact sorting.
  • Fine metal parts are detected parallel to the colour sorting and fed into the rejection stream.
  • Thanks to the exact detection, the small distance of the nozzles to the product stream and the fast, precise triggering of the valves, the compressed air consumption is kept very low.
  • Low-maintenance operation thanks to automatic cleaning.

Plant Realisation:

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  • Start-up
  • After Sales
  • Optimization
  • From upgrade solutions to turn-key projects
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