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About us

Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1968 and based in Wedel/Hamburg, has become widely known for its unique Mogensen Sizer screening system. Specific "Know-how" together with innovative systems have rapidly earned the Company international recognition in the fields of screening and plant for solids handling and processing.

Since 1988 the organisation has been a subsidiary of the ALLGAIER Group, which is itself internationally active in the sphere of screening and process technology. The Mogensen product range comprises a broad programme of screening and other vibratory equipment. Applications extend from fine materials, through middle-sized products at high through-put rates up to lump sizes of 3 t in weight. Our world-wide customer base embraces the widest variety of industry. The best proof of the reliability and efficiency of our machines is the more than 10000 units already in operation.

Since 1996, Mogensen has been developing and marketing the optoelectronic sorting system Mogensen MSort for sorting bulk materials according to their color, shape or size. With the MSort system, real color detection is possible, which offers a fully new range of applications. MSort separates products of different colors which are difficult to sort, such as plastic materials, waste glass, stone, rock and sea salt, minerals and mixed materials of the most different compositions using brightness criteria, color characteristics or the material size. With this system, high degrees of purity are reached. More than 400 machines are already in use worldwide.